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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] "Unassigned new" bugs

> > Is it a problem that they are 'unassigned new'?
> >
> > They're available for any new developers to look at, who want to get
> > involved in the project. So I don't want to assign them all to named
> > individuals in case that will put off other developers from picking
> > up.
> Only that I'm sure there are some on that list that it does make
> sense for particular people to look at. For instance, I thought Luke
> was looking at key handling problems and mouse pointer problems.

Yes, where a bug obviously fits well with someone then it should be
assigned. Like the profile dialog issue which I assigned to Mikhail.

Luke will assign the various mouse pointer issues to himself once he
starts looking at them.

> I've already taken the ones from that list I thought I could fix.
> I'm partly keen to make sure the reporter of the bug gets *something*
> back (i.e. "yes we can see that's an issue"), and that they get
> prioritized (else your "new developer" has no idea what's important).

Well they are fairly well prioritised already I think. I tend to
prioritise them as soon as they come in and often that's when the
reporter will get some sort of response. Prioritisation is very
subjective of course.

P1 - we reserve for release stopping issues (none currently because
we've just done a release).
P2 - fix ASAP
P3 - need to be fixed before a 1.0 release
P4/P5 - don't necessarily need to be fixed even for a 1.0 release.

> I agree these could both be accomplished without assigning them.