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[XaraXtreme-dev] Example Licences


hoping that the Freeing of Xara is near, I want to bring up the licences
of the examples. Currently, they are under a licences that is not free
in the Debian sense, meaning that it can't go into main. I would
recommend dual-licencing it, for example with the BSD licence (which
would be nice for the users, because then they can use the exampels as
starting points for their own work) or, if that is not acceptable, the
GPL. If that is not ok, because you think GPL is not suited for
non-programs, we can look for another one.

In any case, but especially if the dual-licencing can not be done in
time for the Freeing, I'd recomment distributing them in a separate tar
ball. Not every person that downloads the source tarball is interested
in the examples, new versions of distribution package would download
faster if the versioning of the program and the examples would not be
tied together and, last but not least, if there is a licencing issue
with the examples, it's easier for me to put one in main and one in


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