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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Example Licences

> > GPL is not a possible option for the clipart examples us as we only 
> > have agreements with the authors for CC licenses.
> Is there no way they could release the examples under the LGPL?

We'd have to go and re-negotiate with all the separate authors. My
experience is that most artist types know little about GPL / LGPL and
probably don't want to. They've mostly heard of CC license and think of
that as the 'free' license of choice amongst their colleagues.

But I think I've got a answer that solves all the problems:

On the Windows version there are no example files included in the
package. What there is, in the clipart gallery, is a 'get clipart'
button that fetches various categorised clipart collections from our

This clipart gallery and download mechanism is not ported to LX right
now, but we need to do this.

So this means that *in the package* there is no non-GPL stuff, but that
users can choose to download clipart at a later date if they so wish. I
would propose that when they open the clipart gallery for the first time
we provide a license alert, telling them that the works are covered by
the CC licence. So then it become a personal choice as to whether they
download or use the clipart.