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[XaraXtreme-dev] Movie replay


For the last few days I've been looking at how to implement movie replay. Originally I was planning to use gstreamer (in fact using wxMediaCtrl to allow an easy cross-platform implementation). This would allow neat integrated into the actual application. Unfortunately I hit some issues with using gstreamer statically linked to the application. The real show stopper issue was that auto-plugging does not work, I posted a message of the gstreamer mailing list but didn't receive any responses (I've attached the e-mail, in case anyone is interested in more technical details).

The current proposed work-around solution is to execute a user selectable external application to perform the actual movie replay. Possible problems with this include support for the format we use may not be present in chosen app. (vorbis audio, h264 video in a ogg wrapper), also it's not guaranteed that all media replay applications will offer the user control of the replay (mplayer doesn't offer this control in a very friendly manner).

Does anyone have any ideas about any other possible solutions or any comments?

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Luke Hart wrote:
> Thanks Ben, that got me some of the way towards being able to replay 
> my video file from a statically linked executable. I needed to 
> manually apply the patch to my source since I needed to use the 0.8 
> series, but other than that it worked fine. I also found I needed to 
> use the -whole-archive and --start-group command line parameters in 
> order to correctly link the executable (the -whole-archive to actually 
> link in the constructors at all).
> Now when I start the building of the replay graph, by changing the 
> state to pause, the file source is created and the typefind process is 
> started for the resultant stream. Unfortunately this process is unable 
> to find a suitable plugin to demux the stream, despite a suitable one 
> being statically linked (oggdemux). Is auto-plugging designed to work 
> with a statically linked version of the library, or will I have to 
> statically build the graph (which may be difficult since I'm using 
> wxMediaCtrl)? I can supply a debug trace of the auto-plug process if 
> that would help, but decided to just e-mail first in case this is just 
> not supported. Also how dependent is this process on the presence of 
> the registry, since ideally there shouldn't be a need for one, since 
> my application should just be untar-and-play.
> Thanks for any help,
>    Luke
Does anyone know the answer to any of my questions? I've been working on 
other parts of the project for the last few weeks and we have finally 
managed to get version 0.6 out of the door (see http://xaraxtreme.org/). 
I'm now back to working on the movie replay and would welcome any input 
anyone has.

Thanks for any help,

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