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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Translation: Lauchpad's Rosetta vs. SVN

Salut Séverin, hi all,

Séverin Lemaignan wrote:
> I must admit the Rosetta's webinterface isn't really useful. I hope it
> will be improved by Ubuntu developpers, but up to now I mainly work on
> the translation "offline" (I download the .po file, like Tobias).
Regarding the upload of .po files: Probably it is a bad, Edgy day, but
it took now 24h for the uploaded file to get "APPROVED" and it probably
will take still a couple hours till it gets imported :-(

> Now, I think Rosetta's main advantage is to allow a lot of people,
> even people not used to translation processes, to work on the same
> time on the same project.
Well, the same is true also for the other method. Rosetta does more
behind the scenes, which can be an advantage or disadvantage. With SVN
you need to get a bit used to SVN but basically a "svn update" should
already correctly merge the translations done by others, while you were

> It's an easy way to involve people on (the easy side of) Xara
> development ...
I don't know in how far this is much different from SVN though granted
Rosetta makes it a bit easier for Xara in terms of the account
management . Whereas for Xara SVN makes it easier to import .po files
into the build process and update the .pot file.

> It's maybe possible to do both: ability to work with SVN, and a script
> which daily merge with Rosetta. It's maybe even possible to access the
> Rosetta's translation files through SVN.
No, it is (in practise) not possible. You want to have only one official
version stored per language - either the database of Launchpad or in SVN.