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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] MacOS X build instructions / runtime error

Falko A. wrote:

I sent this mail some days before, but since I also had problems subscribing to the list, I'm not sure if it will ever arrive. So here's the message again (the build instruction part
seems to be already fixed now...)

The error I got back while subscribing was:
<<< 450 Server configuration problem
<lists@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>... Deferred: 450 Server configuration problem
<<< 554 Error: no valid recipients

I tried to build xara on MacOS X and noticed that wxWindows doesn't build the libtiff if configured
with the arguments in the build instructions.
It's missing the --with-libtiff=builtin argument.

After adding it to the ./configure command, I could build xara without problems, but it crashes as soon as I click into the document window. (For some reason, the document window isn't inside the main window as on the screenshots. Instead, it's
an independent window)
Hi Falko,

Your message did get through, to me at least, via Charles and Neil.

I added the libtiff argument to the build instructions, thanks.

The crash you describe is seen by other people too. It's caused by wxView::GetFrame() returning a NULL pointer. XaraLX assumes that wxView::GetFrame will return a good pointer to a frame window, because it told wxWidgets to create an MFC-style window framework. It looks to me like wxWidgets is behaving differently on the Mac than it does when configured for GTK so I suspect a wxWidgets problem but I haven't looked into it properly yet.