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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] MacOS X build instructions / runtime error

Phil Martin wrote:
Hi Falko,

Your message did get through, to me at least, via Charles and Neil.

I added the libtiff argument to the build instructions, thanks.

The crash you describe is seen by other people too. It's caused by wxView::GetFrame() returning a NULL pointer. XaraLX assumes that wxView::GetFrame will return a good pointer to a frame window, because it told wxWidgets to create an MFC-style window framework. It looks to me like wxWidgets is behaving differently on the Mac than it does when configured for GTK so I suspect a wxWidgets problem but I haven't looked into it properly yet.


Did I say "MFC-style"? I meant "MDI-style"
In the long run we probably don't really want XaraLX to have MDI-style windows on the Mac because that's not the Mac way of doing things. So the question is, should we persist with trying to get the MDI-style working for now, so that we can make other parts of the program more stable or should we change to a different window layout now, which will undoubtedly introduce a new layer of Mac-only bugs.