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[XaraXtreme-dev] Warning in Kernel/pagesize.cpp (stray '/')

Just a plea to committers.

"commenting out" code with comment markers, despite its name, is
always a little jarring to outsiders. It is just sweeter to simply
delete it, and for people who need to keep two versions for comparison
to use the SCM system which is what it is designed for, and in the
case of svn does well.

It is good, if before committing, you delete all dead code.

I appreciate that this cannot be made a rule or even a recommendation
(because the recommendation to commit as soon as you have done enough
typing that you would not want to repeat would probably take

In the present case there is a stray '/' character which causes this warning:

../../Kernel/pagesize.cpp:390:1: warning: multi-line comment

Here's the diff which is short enough to apply by hand (if it is correct!)

Index: Kernel/pagesize.cpp
--- Kernel/pagesize.cpp (revision 1734)
+++ Kernel/pagesize.cpp (working copy)
@@ -387,7 +387,7 @@ BOOL PageSizesList::InitPageSizes()
               String_256 ErrorMsg;
               ErrorMsg.MakeMsg(_R(IDW_PAGES_FAILEDREADING), (TCHAR*)
               Error::SetError(_R(IDW_PAGES_FAILEDREADING), (TCHAR *)
ErrorMsg, 0);
-               InformError();
+//             InformError();
               TRACEUSER( "Neville", _T("PageSizesList::InitPageSizes
failed to read in list from resource, using bound in one"));

               // Vape any that may have been created