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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] source?

> Now, to add some fun to this we have the problem of targeting. From my
> development work on ARM, Linux x86 and x64 plus what I've picked up on
> OS X, there are quite a few differences in what is required for x86 and
> x64 as well as little and large endian systems. Is it safe to assume
> that initially, x86 and OS X's current processor will be the target with
> x64 coming later? Or is the code structured in such a way that it is
> going to be independent of both endian and processor type?

The problem of targeting is increased to a pretty good challenge
considering the desire on Apple's part to move everyone to fat
binaries in Xcode.  Maybe some of the x86 assembly routines (assuming
they exist) could be used in an x86 OS X.  Either way, it's probably
safer to convert the assembly routines to portable C/C++ to maintain
some sense of corresponding code between the Linux and OS X versions.

Another wrinkle is the operating systems' individual capabilities as
far as optimization goes.  I'm betting we'll have to shoot for lowest
common denominator and not go for broke with DirectX/CoreImage/Xrender
extensions. Of course, I'm not entirely sure what is already handled
within wxWidgets for these.  I think there was already some advanced
canvas project a while back that focused on optimization.

But before we get the code, we don't know what optimizations have been
built in, or if the code is separated into GUI and controlling code. 
I'm not too hopeful about it being easy to separate from one platform.