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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] source?


> Thanks for the tips!

Not a problem - I'm really eager to get my mitts on the code, but it is
tempered with bad (and good) experiences of OSS code management.

> The renderer and all other code used in the current Xara LX demo is all
> C++. There is no assembler. 

That explains the speed :-( - Artworks on my SA RPC seems to render
somewhat faster than the XLX demo currently online, which surprised me

> Although we do currently have some assembler
> in the main win32 source base the intention is that it will be replaced
> and Xara LX will be all portable C++.

My advice here is to convert the code, document it really well but don't
apply *any* optimisations at all. Again, down to experience of seeing it
happen (although it was when Sibelius went from being 100% ARM code to C
++. The change over cause about a month's delay!)

As always, I'm ready and willing to get cracking on the codebase.


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