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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Ping

I agree. A roadmap for open-sourcing of cdraw would be highly

Personally I am also not inclined to spend my free time until xarax is
completely open-sourced, and is included in the standard repositories of
-for example- Debian. 

I like XaraX (I have a windows license which I still use very frequently
- sorry) and I wouldn't hesitate to buy a linux upgrade if this would
ever become available.

I understand that Xara cannot keep all its programmers on the linux
version, but I think activity has dropped a little too much. 

My personal roadmap for the linux version would include the following
1. start opensourcing cdraw 
2. internet connectivity -- needed for the examples 
3. examples
4. improve printing

Any additions??

Erik-Berndt Scheper

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Onderwerp: Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Ping

On Tuesday 10 October 2006 3:39 am, Roger Luethi wrote:
> AFAICS Xara is lacking in two areas: exposure and trust.

I suspect that Roger's analysis is probably accurate. As a user I am
pleased with all of the progress that has been made during the past year
am content with the current licensing status of Xtreme. However, I am 
unlikely to donate any significant amount of my scarce free time to the 
project because there is still the possibility that any time I spend
will be 
wasted if Xara ultimately pulls their support.

Perhaps one simple step that could be taken to increase the level of
trust is 
to post a road map listing what specific events need to occur before
will be open sourced. Although this won't increase exposure and many
will probably still want to see the code it would still be a nice good

I truly hope that Xara succeeds in making Xtreme a successful open
project that they can ultimately make money off of. But I doubt that
will attract enough outside developers to make that happen as long as
core of the program is proprietary.


Jed Frechette

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