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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Well, finally ...

In message <200710152350.24869.WishMaster@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
          Philipp Schmieder <WishMaster@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>> Unless it crashes inside GDraw, I cannot see the relevance. Surely,
>> all sorts of programs suffer from OS version changes and need to be
>> adapted now and then. There is nothing to stop anyone from finding out
>> what goes wrong and fixing it - except in the unlikely event of the
>> crash being inside GDraw, but there is no evidence to suggest that.

> You/That are/is exactly the problem mentioned at linux.com - and the reason
> for me to switch to Inkscape and don't recommend Xara anymore to anyone.
> Xara's behaviour is very very disappointing.

I do not know Xara's views on this issue nor could I possibly comment 
on Xara's behalf if I did. I cannot quite understand your reaction. 
The above comment was purely technical. I do not claim there is no 
problem, all I claimed was that the problem does not have any impact 
on this particular situation, so there was no need to turn this 
technical problem into a political matter.

If there is demand and users want to run Xtreme on OpenSUSE 10.3, then 
someone will step in and fix it (and who knows, that someone might 
even be someone at Xara). This is how open source works (and I am sure 
I do not have to explain that to you). Obviously, if there are 
developers who would rather not work on this project due to it not 
being 100% open source, then this is their decision, but that does not 
mean that nobody *can* work on it to fix problems.