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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Supporting different OS than Linux, Win32, and Mac OS X?

Andreas Kohn wrote:
For many programs, compiling out of the box is usually not prevented by
using certain platform specific features, but rather due to a lot of
implicit assumptions about a platform. This also includes names of libraries, names of directories, missing,
incomplete checks or checks that get executed but the results ignored in
the configure-stage, order and dependency of includes, and many more.

I agree. But /most/ of that is handled by wxWidgets in this case;
I am assuming that works fine on *BSD. The configure system is
gnu autoconf & automake so if there are assumptions, it shouldn't
be too hard to tweak them.

As such, (most) porting between unix-like operating systems is something
trivial, if you consider finding and fixing these assumptions while
maintaining support for the original platform trivial :)


What I really meant was "it should be easier than a port involving
a different byte ordering, different size of types, or different
wxWidgets variant" (all of which we've done or attempted
at least once so far).