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[XaraXtreme-dev] ... Pong

Charles and all the others,

I like Xara on Linux very much, but I haven't the time to start contributing code. So, I decided to do something other for the program: I wrote an article about Xara on Pro-Linux.de, created a (sub-)forum on opendtp.de and, last not least, talked to some Linux-OpenSource-graphic-related people about Xara. When coming to the question, why they wouldn't help the project, the answer was *always* because it isn't completly free.

I read the mails on this list today and think, that there are still some misunderstandings in the community. Perhaps it could be useful to write something like an "open letter" to the community where you describe 1.) what the closed library exactly does and 2.) why it isn't also opened.

Beside that, I think that we have a typical clash between the OpenSource- and the commercial-world. It isn't for the first time that this happened, think of the discussions in the early years of KDE when QT wasn't OpenSource. In this case, the solution was to release QT under a double license: One free and one for commercial purposes. Perhaps this could also be a solution for Xara?

And there's another reason which detains developers from Xara. In the past, there were a lot of commercial programs for Linux which were stopped after the first or a few releases. Think of Kylix, FrameMaker, WordPerfect, ... the Linux-development of all these great programs was stopped after the company didn't get the economic goals they desired. Today, under a modern Linux-Distribution, it isn't possible to use these programs because of no-availability, elapsed licenses or library-dependencies. There is an eligible fear in the community that this could happen to Xara too. So, one more point for an open letter ;-)

Thanx again for that great program. I would also buy a commercial version ;-)