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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Ping

On Thursday 15 February 2007 10:28 am, Alex Bligh wrote:
> CDraw doesn't talk the OS. I'm not sure it depends on any library at
> all - I think it's static linked and doesn't depend on any library at all.
> So it's pretty age proof.

Thanks for the clarification.

On Thursday 15 February 2007 10:43 am, Charles Moir wrote:
> And this focus on us releasing CDraw source implies that for some people
> at least, perhaps the 'use elsewhere' is their goal and forget about the
> Xara Xtreme product on Linux. That would not just be doing us a
> disfavour, but also the loads of users out there that really only care
> about getting a finished, reliable, slick Xara Xtreme for Linux.

I don't really understand these statements. How does releasing CDraw, 
regardless of where else it is used, do a disfavor to your users on Linux?

I think I fall into the group of users who would be happy to have a Linux 
version of Xtreme either proprietary or free.  However, I would prefer it to 
be free because I think it would be successful and would ultimately have 
better interoperability with the other tools that I use.

This also reminds me of recent discussions about including Inkscape in the One 
Laptop Per Child project. As much as I like Inkscape for some tasks, in my 
mind Xtreme would be a much better fit for that project. Unfortunately, I 
suspect that it wasn't considered due to its current status. Although, from 
reading the software guidelines on their wiki it is not entirely clear to me 
that they are completely excluding non-free software.

To quote from an old message in this thread:

On Tuesday 10 October 2006 3:39 am, Roger Luethi wrote:
> AFAICS Xara is lacking in two areas: exposure and trust.

It seems that trust is still the main stumbling block here. The dirty FOSS 
hippies don't entirely trust Xara and vise versa. Unfortunately, it probably 
doesn't matter whether either group's fears are justified. Until one group 
takes the steps needed to convince the other little progress seems likely.


Jed Frechette

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