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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] GDraw/CDraw [was: Ping]

alex wrote:

>> From my understanding it can not, however one tries to twist
>> words, be legally redistributed by anyone (with the possible
>> exception of Xara Ltd. itself), which makes it a GPL
>> violation in itself. Should that understanding be correct,
>> the source is as proprietary as ever, as it's then only covered
>> by international copyright agreement and local copyright laws.
>The GPL allows exceptions to be made to give additional rights.

Additional right is not equivalent to taking away rights, much less 
requirements. Perhaps you, not to mention Xara Ltd., should study GPL 
section 3 a bit more. Especially see the software as a whole in context 
of the GNU GPL.

Should Xara Ltd. care to make a 100% clear statement on this, it would 
be appreciated.