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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Ping

And for someone that knew Cairo or studied the CDraw interface in Xara
Xtreme this is not really that difficult a job. I would bet who knew
what they were doing could have something operational in days (obviously
a lot longer to get it fully functional).

Seems like a bet. :-)


PS One of the obvious 'disastrous' scenarios for CDraw, and indeed the
whole project, is if were to be ported back to Windows and used to
compete against our commercial versions, so jeopardising the revenue and
jobs of the staff working on the product. i.e. exactly what that Mike
'tamlin' character is trying to achieve (as well as sprouting rubbish
about us going against GPL).

What about a Linux and Mac business model? Maybe you can talk with the
single developer:


He has some experience making near 50% of his income from Linux.

We can't stop the program being used in any way of course, but we've
said from day one were that to happen we'd regard that as very bad news
and probably withdraw form the project. We can't, obviously, jeopardise
the jobs of the staff who are working on the product, just because
self-interested individual wants to create Windows version of the
product to compete against us, and so go against the interests of the
vast majority - who care only about a Linux (or Mac) version of the to contol

It is very difficult to control it once is out. This includes an
hypothetical cairo version.
Well, if your position is this, state it very clear in the project frontpage:

-Xara Linux needs replacing the CDraw library with cairo. If you want
to help, then blah, blah, blah.

But please, do something and add your reasons to do so. People can
understand arguments, so why being so opaque an unpersonnal ?

Xara linux latest news remains 11 August.

inkscape is a fork from sodipodi, created when Lauris(its main
creator) tried to halt the project in protest for Irak USA bombings.
It was a unilateral and non consensus decision.

In OSS above all, you have people, you cant force them to do
something, but they will do if they feel they want to do it. Respect
and trust is important.