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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Xara's feature

SVG - is shit.

What is it's advantage if it could'nt handle other type of transparency except linear and circular?
Or maybe it could, but not yet? And what should be happen to force it to support these types of transparency?
SVG is so open standard, so open!
So open like XAR. Exactly.
Xar already have these transparencies and could handle other types if it will be necessary.
So I think - PS, AI, EPS, and now SVG are the same things. SVG its just new toy. It is new and everybody wants to play with it.
So funny to see Inkscape users. BTW inkscape is just a toy too. Funny but completelly useless if you want to draw something just a little too complex. And that Gaussian Blur feature was thunder joke after Xara's feather.

You're missing the point about SVG. SVG was never meant to be an high quality container for vector illustration like XAR indeed is. SVG is born as a web standard (http://www.w3.org/Graphics/SVG/), in order to bring vector graphics to the web and with focus on DOM accessibility.

In fact this standard (yes, it's a standard contrary to XAR) seemed good enough to people to get a important place in more and more Linux applications, and in particular central ones like Gnome and KDE.

This explain why, on the Linux plateform, it's capital that a good vector editor is able to completely handle SVG. But no one would like to replace XAR with SVG.