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[XaraXtreme-dev] Why you don't get support from community

I am developer and when I first heard about opensourcing of Xara, I was really happy. I want to help you with such an excellent product (which is missing in Free Software world, Inkscape doesn't fit my needs), but then I realized that it is not fully Free Software, that there are still some proprietary parts. My willingness for help completely fell off in that exact moment, but I have got still hope that it will be completely opensourced sometime in future (yes, it means including CDraw). I would never invest my time in some partially closed source software.

After reading latest discussion on mailing list, my hopes are gone. You clearly doesn't understand what is important for Free Software community. "Free as in beer" is _nothing_ for us, we want "free as in speech" software. Completely free, without closed proprietary parts. I know many good developers in Free Software community and nobody would even consider helping Xara because the fact that some parts of Xara are closed. It doesn't matter that it is only one part, Xara is simply "tainted". And your attitude clearly shown in latest discussion on mailing list proves that you really don't understand Free Software community and development model. This is why Inkscape get all attention and help from community, while you get nearly nothing. It is simple "opensource or die" principle.

I am really disappointed that such a great software (which Xara clearly is) is sentenced to failure in Free Software community simply because you don't understand principles on which Free Software community stands.

My interest in Xara is now gone, I am going to look at Inkscape again, maybe they will be able tu fulfill my needs in the end and maybe I will be possible to help him too.

Mike Devianos