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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Moving to Cairo (was Ping)

--On 21 February 2007 15:56 +0100 Alexander Kellett <lypanov@xxxxxxx> wrote:

I don't think introducing what effectively would be a shim library
(converting CDraw calls to Cairo calls) is going to be particularly
and it would maintain an API (the CDraw API) which wasn't particularly
polished and has no degree of guaranteed stability anyway.

while i fully agree (maintaining hacks to keep an interface such as,  i
think this brings up an important point.
what happens to the code base if the "open source version" diverges  in

I'm suggesting there is no fork, so no divergence happens. Just switchable
backends. The problem with a fork (I presume noone wants that) is that
it would create precisely the sort of divergence you are talking about.