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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Moving to Cairo (was Ping)

On 21 Feb 2007, at 16:25, Alex Bligh wrote:
I'm suggesting there is no fork, so no divergence happens. Just switchable
backends. The problem with a fork (I presume noone wants that) is that
it would create precisely the sort of divergence you are talking about.

ah. that eases my mind, to be honest i was scared that we already have a kind of fork and that the current source base is not moving all that fast because the windows version
is somehow dislocated from the oss version.

maybe i just misunderstood you however. are you talking about modifying the codebase to use more generic drawing primitives that fit with both apis as opposed to making a new library which merely provides the cdraw api with a cairo backend? that was my assumption,
but i may have been wrong :)

Alexander Kellett
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