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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Re: [XaraXtreme-devprivate] Text


Martin Wuerthner wrote:
now, then I can either do the work tonight but hold back a checkin, hold
off doing the work, or (if I can do it without touching too much stuff
you've been working on) do a checkin tonight. If you've done loads
of work on the tool itself, I'll just hold off.

I have not changed any of the files in tools - just Kernel and wxOil files, so you should be safe. The actual text tool is not responsible for text rendering at all, just for handling and editing text objects.

OK, I've checked in some text stuff in tools which should probably help
you. I've
* Blind converted the info bar (i.e. I haven't checked it looks OK,
  but it should be roughly right)
* Fixed infobar loading
* Fixed a pile of unicode problems
* Done the necessary conversions of switch statements to cope with
  the new resource system
* Fixed some warnings

texttool.cpp now compiles, textinfo.cpp doesn't quite, because it
still has some problems with font enumeration (which will need your
fixes) for the font combo, and some horrible windows-ness (which
should not be in the kernel at all, which "tools" counts as), but
you are probably better placed to fix them than me.

You'll (obviously) need to add texttool.cpp and textinfo.cpp to
Makefile.am to get these to compile.