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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] run XaraLX with gentoo?

--On 26 March 2006 18:30 +0100 Luke Hart <LukeH@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

I've check-in what looks like a fix for this. I've got no idea why the
code was
not working, since all I did was copy some code from a class member
function in a
header file directly to where it was being called. This may be a compiler
bug. The
fix will appear in version 715, which should appear on the web-site soon
or you can
pull it from svn.

I am staggered that has any effect, as the code is copied (IIRC)
straight from the wxWidgets code. That's completely bizarre. I'd
like to know if it fixes it as there is a wxCamDrawControl which will
need the same fix if so.