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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] GPL for designs?

> > If they are not under a free licence, I'd like to see them 
> moved to a 
> > different tarball, so that the regular XaraLX source tarball only 
> > contains free software and can be put on the debian archives as-is.
> At Lyon, Charles said they were "just available to copy" 
> (i.e. less restricted than GPL even). We should probably get 
> a definitive license from Xara though as you point out. Charles/Neil?

Did I? This needs looking into because I know there are some
restrictions placed by the authors of some of our clipart. I know some
items we state that that you have to get the individual OK of the
author, and so certainly some are restricted.

I'll ask some people here to see what the terms of the clipart actually