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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] run XaraLX with gentoo?

Title: RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] run XaraLX with gentoo?

> > I've check-in what looks like a fix for this. I've got no idea why the
> > code was
> > not working, since all I did was copy some code from a class member
> > function in a
> > header file directly to where it was being called. This may be a compiler
> > bug. The
> > fix will appear in version 715, which should appear on the web-site soon
> > or you can
> > pull it from svn.
> I am staggered that has any effect, as the code is copied (IIRC)
> straight from the wxWidgets code. That's completely bizarre. I'd
> like to know if it fixes it as there is a wxCamDrawControl which will
> need the same fix if so.
> Alex

I've found that either if I use >=Gcc4 for only cartctl.cpp or use my fix
the executable will work.

Stepping through the relavent areas of code, I've found that the compiler
seems to be failing to create the unicode constant "class" correct (it seems
to be create a string with only L'c' in it). I don't think it could have become
corrupted, since all of the string constants are in a read-only section and
will cause segmentation fault if they're clobbered.