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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Text rendering status

Yep this is a great step forward. Text rendering appears to be basically there.

Some obvious problem with the text tool, but I guess that's the next stage. But FYI I found these do not work in the Text tool:
- When I type a new string there is a black rectangle overlaid the first character.
- Altering the point size or resizing (an entered string) does not work (size changes but spacing does not). Looks like resizing an existing text string does work however.
- Delete key doesn't delete forward
- Fkeys are not being passed back to the system. i.e. you can't use them to select other tools while in Text tool
- Convert to Editable shapes doesn't work

> Neil Howe wrote:
> > I've just checked in some test files for you to work with. 
Alex wrote:
> It's only going to fit on top of the original if it's rendered in
> the right font. Looking at the shape of the capital "S" it's
> a very different font. I guess this is what Martin meant by
> font substitution being a bit dumb at the moment. I understand
> you can (legally) install the MS truetype fonts onto Linux.
> Have you tried that?

Yes in Ubuntu using Synaptic you can install the MS Core fonts, and it seems (from a few very simple tests) to use the correct MS fonts.

What I do not understand is that opening the Fonts folder (System Preferences -> Font and selecting Go to font Folder) does not show the MS fonts in the font folder. So where on earth have they gone? Perhaps that isn't the font folder as it implies.

Isn't there a simple central font viewer that shows all installed fonts on Linux?

Xara on Windows detects new fonts being installed and updates its lists and the document (to show text on the correct font if it was being substituted before). Is there a way in Linux to know when fonts are being installed or removed?