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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Text rendering status

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          "Charles Moir" <CharlesM@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Yes in Ubuntu using Synaptic you can install the MS Core fonts, and it
> seems (from a few very simple tests) to use the correct MS fonts.
> What I do not understand is that opening the Fonts folder (System
> Preferences -> Font and selecting Go to font Folder) does not show the
> MS fonts in the font folder. So where on earth have they gone? Perhaps
> that isn't the font folder as it implies.

Typically, there are several font folders: system-wide fonts, 
package-specific font directories (OpenOffice, Java, etc.) and there 
can be user-specific fonts, too. The file /etc/fonts/fonts.conf lists 
the system font path somewhere near the start. The rest of the file 
defines system-wide font mappings.

You can have additional font cofiguration in the file ~/.fonts.conf 
(in your home directory). I guess, your own user-specific fonts are 
probably installed in ~/.fonts

> Isn't there a simple central font viewer that shows all installed
> fonts on Linux?

You can see all personal fonts and system-wide fonts by running
  kcmshell kcmfontinst
This shows the personal fonts first. By clicking on the "System 
administration" button and entering the root password you can see the 
system-wide fonts. Click on a font in the list to see a text sample.