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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Release announcements?

> > We've not released 0.4 as the recommended version yet, we've just
> > updated the 'latest' version to 0.4 in preparation. Right now 0.4 is
> > less stable than 0.3. So there is no announcement to be made about
> > until we release 0.4 as our recommended version, then a list of
> > improvements will be sent to the mail lists and published on the web
> > site as usual.
> That's a slightly confusing way to do version numbering. I think
> you
> should use the "-rc" convention, or only bump the version number on a
> "recommended" version. People will naturally assume any version
> 0.4 will be either the recommended release version or some later
> derivative
> thereof. If a version labeled "0.4" can be either in advance of or
> the recommended release version, there's going to be natural
confusion, IE
> the version number will add nothing in builds other than the
> release build. The confusion is worse if you don't tell people why the
> version number has been bumped (even on the dev list).

I'm surprised it's confusing, but we'll do it differently next time. On
the download page it seems pretty clear that the more stable recommended
version is 0.3 and that 0.4 is a newer version which is likely to be
less stable.

I don't like labelling the current version -rc because that implies that
the current build is a candidate for becoming the recommended version
and that's just not the case. So I guess in future we'll just leave the
version number unchanged until we do have a release candidate.