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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Transparency tool

Charles Moir wrote:
Phil, and Luke I think, are working on getting native Save to work, so I
don't believe anyone else is looking at Transparency or Shadow tools.

The next target is 0.5 which will be the first version that is actually
useful, i.e. it has save, some basic export (e.g. PNG), help etc. So
because this might be the first version a lot of new people will see
(this will be the first version we'll be asking testers, not just
developers, for feedback). So it would be really nice to tidy up a lot
of the working tools and things that just look a mess.

OK well the info bars are now consistent and the sliders work the
right way around. However, it's exposed some bugs in that making
floor shadows seems to blow up in CDraw somewhere. There's also
some odd content in the fields (HTML escaping) which I think
might be internationalization changes (I think Luke may have
added escaping to strings).