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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Transparency tool

Excellent stuff Alex - super quick work.

I sort of assumed that because we rendered floor shadows fine this would
work OK when the tool was enabled, but clearly not. Neil I think this
has raised this issue as a priority, perhaps for Gavin to have a look


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> Charles Moir wrote:
> > Phil, and Luke I think, are working on getting native Save 
> to work, so 
> > I don't believe anyone else is looking at Transparency or 
> Shadow tools.
> > 
> > The next target is 0.5 which will be the first version that is 
> > actually useful, i.e. it has save, some basic export (e.g. 
> PNG), help 
> > etc. So because this might be the first version a lot of new people 
> > will see (this will be the first version we'll be asking 
> testers, not 
> > just developers, for feedback). So it would be really nice 
> to tidy up 
> > a lot of the working tools and things that just look a mess.
> OK well the info bars are now consistent and the sliders work 
> the right way around. However, it's exposed some bugs in that 
> making floor shadows seems to blow up in CDraw somewhere. 
> There's also some odd content in the fields (HTML escaping) 
> which I think might be internationalization changes (I think 
> Luke may have added escaping to strings).
> Alex