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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Xcode project query

On 06/04/06, Phil Martin <phil@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I've created an XCode project ..., instead of linking them
> together it "Bundlizes" them, making a corresponding .ob file for
> each .o file.

The answer is probably in the last few paragraphs on this page:
http://www.cocoadev.com/index.pl?ZeroLink .

> I can't find out why it's doing this or how to change it. Anyone any
> idea?

I can't find a web page that deals with this in general terms, but
there are a few which touch on it. I have to admit, that whenever I
find zerolink selected in one of my projects I turn it off, on general
principles, exempli gratia
http://www.cocoadev.com/index.pl?XCodeBafflement , but to be fair, I
believe that zerolink works as expected in XCode 2.2 .