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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Xcode project query

Hi Phil, Chris here.

I don't know what the hell the dudes at Apple were thinking, when they designed Xcode in that way.

I think it would be very much an improvement to Xcode if they only put SOME certain kinds of options at the main root 'project' level and ONLY others at the 'target(s)' level, Whatever on Earth the product's name or the product type (Application, Framework, Bundle, command line executable, static Libarary Shared Library etc), for instance, is set at a 'project' level for beats me.

I think it would make more logical sense for those kond of things to be set at a 'target' level.

I have placed some feedback with Apple on this, but have not heard more about it since, But I must say also that Xcode has improved quite a hell of a lot, since it was NeXt's 'ProjectBuilder'.

It would be actually quite interesting to hear what you people's view is on this matter. But in most other ways Apple has it quite 90% right, spot-on in other places.

It's just that I may have a different view of software engineering and coding in general, and that I like to TRY and do it right, in a way that also make's sense, for our user's and US, the developer's and other various 'geeks' as well.

I would really love to go into a deep discussion on these matters with Apple's Developer Tools team, but cannot seem to get any response from them at all. I know, and a few friends of mine know that what I am saying has quite a lot of potential to improve things on OS X for us Application developers and system programmers, A really well thought out, and a great OS with a FEW underlying faults that are REALLY at the developer toolchain level, I find this to be a royal pain in the %@#$@!^& bum. some of the toolchain problems are, from what I have found out by rummaging around in Darwin source code, is some confusion, and out of date tool's at the BSD/Unix/GCC level of things.

anyway, tell me your views on these matters I have brought up here.

Bye for now,
Chris Jerome.

On 10/04/2006, at 10:49 PM, Phil Martin wrote:

enabled in two levels and that /both/ have to be turned off to get normal linking. (I.e. both in Target Options and Project Options). The project now attempts to link and I am working through the undefined symbols. Some of them may be caused by the xcode project containing files which are not in the makefile. A methodical (semi- automated) way of transferring that file list from the makefile to the xcode project would be very useful - I'm doing it empirically at the moment, similar to