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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Galleries

I'll get back to you Alex about the colour editor. I didn't think anyone was working on that.

> I don't really know how the windows one (freehand tool) used to work, but the slider
> seems to resmooth stuff for me. Perhaps wx drops in more mouse
> events (or similar), or we are not dropping duplicate mouse events,
> or we are responding to multiple different mouse events for the
> same move. But see below.

On Windows if you drag the smoothness slider (the freehand tool one) to 100% you should get almost no controls points in any freehand line i.e. it's a very smooth approximation of your path.  On LX even at 100% I get way too many control points to be usable even.

At 50% I reckon there are 5 to 10 times as many control points being added as on Windows. If you draw a simple S shape at the default settings you should get a path with about 4 or 5 control points (and a pretty smooth S)

> This one is really weird. I noticed this and thought my info
> bar or slider stuff was broken. It's not, in that the smoothing
> code is actually called, with a sensible sounding value which
> changes as you change the slider. I've traced it right through
> to the path smoothing code, which is being properly called.
> The path smoothing code is not immediately comprehensible,
> but I suspect there might be something compiler dependent in
> there, because it appears to be being called right. This might
> explain the freehand stuff to.

Hmm, interesting. I think the two methods of smoothing have little to do with each other (they were implemented about 5 years apart by different people), but you never know, and it would make sense that they were related.

Not a priority for 0.4, but certainly something that would need to be fixed for 0.5.

>  > e.g. bitmap export (we're going to use 'old' TIFF-style 
> export dialog which is (should be) pretty simple to port

> I think Gerry and/or Luke are working on them.

Yes they are working on the larger save / export work, but I'm not sure how much that impinges on simple bitmap export (which is rather like Create Bitmap Copy). I would have thought that did not impinge on the more complex save / save as / export filter work. I'm probably wrong on that.

> Equally it would be useful to have whatever the 0.5 milestone
> is documented somewhere.

Coming real soon, but the in a nutshell it's to 'make it useful' which means just a few key targets: save, export, colour editor, and that's about it (But I'd like to include some tidy-up work to make it look a bit more presentable. e.g. the seriously ugly drop-down, and buttons (that old chestnut), and tidy up or finish off some of the half-working tools (such as the smoothing issues above). Oh and add some help. i.e. so that new-comers will see both a nice looking tool but one that can also be used.