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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Problems with ranlib while compiling XaraLX

On 10/04/06, Andy Davison <andydavison@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi all, ...
> ranlib: for architecture i386 object:
> /Users/andy/Xara/XaraLX/libs/darwin/libCDraw.a(libCDrawStatic.a-i386-master.o)
> malformed object (unknown flavor for flavor number 0 in LC_UNIXTHREAD
> command 3 can't byte swap it)
> [ snip ]
> Any clues?

Could you check that you have XCode 2.2 or later (I think that 2.21 is
out), and that you installed afresh, rather than overwriting a Panther
install. I am not certain whether that applies to the OS as a whole,
or just to the developer tools.

If you can work out how to provide that instruction concisely, it
needs to go onto the Mac build instructions page.