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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Checkins

> * Opens and renders all the XAR files we've tried. Rendering 100% 
> complete. If you find a file that doesn't load and render correctly 
> let us know please.

Well, files with text in don't render right due to
font matching issues. Is there nothing we can do
here? (try the garden plan without the fonts
installed). At the very least tell people there
are missing fonts. The release notes could also
advocate installing the MS fonts (assuming this
is legal, as I understand it to be).

Yes installing MS fonts is legal and most distributions even include a
package that installs them, from what I've seen.

The font issue is no worse than it is on Windows when you don't have the
right font. It seems to make a reasonably good guess at finding an

But yes it should warn users, as the Windows one does, of missing fonts
on load, and should show the missing fonts in the Document Properties
dialog (when that appears).