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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Checkins

> Neil Howe wrote:
>  > [0.4 released]
> What revision number is this based on?

Rev 798

> > * Opens and renders all the XAR files we've tried. Rendering 100%
> complete. If you find a file that doesn't load and render correctly
let us
> know please.
> Well, files with text in don't render right due to
> font matching issues. Is there nothing we can do
> here? (try the garden plan without the fonts
> installed). At the very least tell people there
> are missing fonts. The release notes could also
> advocate installing the MS fonts (assuming this
> is legal, as I understand it to be).

Good point. I've added a note to the features list page to mention this.

> > If you can crash this version we'd like to know about it, and how to
> replicate the crash.
> We could also encourage people to file bugs.

Yes, I've added a link to the Bugzilla page with that comment on the

> Fixing bugs is a far less intimidating task for new developers
> than code porting.

I've added a bug-fixing section to the top of the unassigned tasks page
of the site.