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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Problems with ranlib while compiling XaraLX

I added the --enable-debug parameter to the XaraLX configure command.

I'm hoping that we can solve the png/jpeg library issues by using wxWidgets, in which case the mac build instructions will be simplified somewhat. If anyone wants to try doing this and suggest appropriate config commands please go ahead because I won't be able to look at this for a while.


Neil Howe wrote:

Thanks a lot for this guys. Phil will look at updating the Mac build
instructions again with your findings.


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On 11/04/06, Ben Fowler <ben.the.mole@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On 10/04/06, Andy Davison <andydavison@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi all, ...

ranlib: for architecture i386 object:

malformed object (unknown flavor for flavor number 0 in
command 3 can't byte swap it)

[ snip ]

Any clues?
Could you check that you have XCode 2.2 or later (I think that 2.21
out), and that you installed afresh, rather than overwriting a
install. I am not certain whether that applies to the OS as a whole,
or just to the developer tools.
That's got it sorted - after an >800MB download I can get past the
ranlib problem. It's a fresh OS X 10.4.6 install (not upgrade from
Panther) which previously had Xcode Tools v2 (straight from the OS X
10.4.0 install DVD). Installing v2.2.1 has ranlib working properly - I
didn't realise there was an update!

If you can work out how to provide that instruction concisely, it
needs to go onto the Mac build instructions page.
"Ensure your version of Xcode Tools has been updated to at least
v2.2.1, available from the Apple Developers website
(http://developer.apple.com/). Some users may experience problems
executing 'ranlib' if their Xcode installation is older than this, or
potentially if their OS X install was an 'upgrade installation' from
OS X 10.3 Panther."

I also found that the only way to get it to begin compiling was to
./configure --enable-debug

Rather than:


However, it still breaks down, this time with:

.././wxOil/outputpng.h:109:17: error: png.h: No such file or directory

There is a thread which mentions a similar problem to this called
'Compiling XaraLx on MacosX' on the Talk Graphics forums, so I will
try following some of the suggestions on there and report back when
I've had a chance.

Thanks for your help,