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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Doesn't start on Suse

> However, there are some things that an application can do at 
> this point to work better with the desktop. For example, 
> there's a startup notification (draft) specification...
> The specification text can be read at:
> http://standards.freedesktop.org/startup-notification-spec/sta
> rtup-notification-0.1.txt

Yes interesting. I wonder how many distributions support this. Sounds
like a good thing. Links to this forum, and the archives seem to have
some interesting things relating to startup notification.
I even caught a comment to the effect that GTK2 apps should already
support some form of start-up notification. Actually there are a load of
.desktop things we should be setting up it seems.

> Meanwhile, there is a more fundamental question as to how did 
> the user's computer ever get into this state where a critical 
> shared library is missing?

In my case it's a totally standard Suse 9.1 (ok so not so new). Pango
has got to be there I suspect (doesn't it?), so for some other reason it
can't be seen.    But I also have the same problem (silent errors when
launching from the desktop) on Ubuntu. So that's two of the most popular
distros out there.

> The software that is most successful at this is the software 
> that is well-integrated with the entire distribution.

Oh yes sure, and that's a goal.

> So my suggestion is: Get to pure GPL as soon as possible, and 
> get integrated into the main part of as many distributions as 
> possible.

Yep, that would be the ideal solution, but until then and until we have
a more finished product, we really should try and make this thing
failure friendly as possible.

Even if we were to GPL the whole lot tomorrow it would take time to
become integrated part of the main distributions I would think.