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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Doesn't start on Suse

Charles Moir wrote:

Yes interesting. I wonder how many distributions support this. Sounds

like a good thing. Links to this forum, and the archives seem to have
some interesting things relating to startup notification.
I even caught a comment to the effect that GTK2 apps should already
support some form of start-up notification. Actually there are a load of
.desktop things we should be setting up it seems.

Nautillus (the Gnome file manager) doesn't support start-up notifications for applications started by double-clicking on application icons (certainly in the file browser). Also start-up notifications won't help in giving a user feed-back about which components are missing.

It should be quite easy to add some checking to nautilus (having had a brief look at the source yesterday), perhaps by calling ldd if the initial execution fails in order to find which shared library couldn't be found. Of course this change would never get into Ubuntu in time for 0.5 release. Also this would only fix Ubuntu and not SUSE (since these use KDE\Konqueror).