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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] JPEG lib namespace

Hi Luke,

They should have it properly namespaced anyway. and also it is in C so the interfaces should be declared extern "C", I do not know why it is not like that by default. I always add/change this too.. good point. I would probably find some other weird C bugs in libjpeg too, if I really looked deeper into it... I have found myself to be doing really ugly #ifdef etc etc #endif hackery to use the jpeg libs now and then, I think it really needs to be looked at, they have not updated libjpeg since 1998!.

Chris. J.

On 18/04/2006, at 6:20 PM, Luke Hart wrote:


The official distribution of the JPEG library does not use C naming if __cplusplus is defined, but a quite popular patch is to add this. I found a distribution that does not have this patch over the weekend (but upgrading to an unstable version did). Would uncommenting your 'extern "C"' lines cause an serious problems for distributions that do the work themsleves? If not I suspect that the best soultion may be to un-comment them.