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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Missing files in svn

attrsets.{h,cpp} isn't in the master Camelot source code. Which source code file needs these?

sgname.cpp, but it looks like I should be looking at ngxxxx instead.

bfxasm is an assembler file, so not really suitable for the project. Would it be possible to avoid the usage of these files?

I was vaguely trying to enable the tracer (as the bitmap gallery used
it and I wanted another test of dialog redraw). I'm not sure the
tracer needs all of them, but it definitely did some pixel operations.

bfxasm has assembler routines in which I wrote many many many years
ago. There were C equivalents somewhere written at the time. Could
we find these (or could you mail me bfx*.* and I'll dig them out).