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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] wxODComboBox

Charles Moir wrote:
One difference I noticed I that the native combo Box animated the reveal
on Windows, whereas the OD one does not, it's instant.

Fewer CPU cycles and a quicker UI, what could be better :-)

On the other hand I notice the OD ones allows mouse-down navigation and
select (click and while holding navigate menu) and that the highlighted
item tracks the mouse, which is better than the native one (although it
doesn't appear to generate events as it tracks which is what we'd like).

Alex, do you know if anyone is working on a Mac version? Do you have a
guesstimate of when this code might be available for use in XaraLX?

I don't think anyone is working on a Mac version specifically but it
should work from day 1, possibly just not looking very Mac like. It
can get the drop downs etc. right if pointed at the correct
bitmap (and it's probably possible to read that from wxSystemSettings,
but if (for instance) the combo box had rounded edges, it would not
get that.

Jaakko seems to be actively working on it and I think he wants to
put it into contrib on CVS. Once that's done, I might have a go
pulling it across. I have to tweak dialogmanager to recognize
wxODComboBox as a combo box control too (which should be quick
if he has replicated all the calls correctly).