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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Building resources udner xcode


--On 25 April 2006 08:31 +0100 Phil Martin <phil@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

The xcode project I'm pulling together initially links using
winresources.cpp but I'd rather it used the "proper" resources system.
I'm looking at the makefile targets below "#RESOURCES MAKE SYSTEM" in
wxOil/makefile.am and considering converting that makefile code into a
"Run Script" build phase in xcode (i.e. a shell script). I've already
done this kind of thing in a smaller way with the svnversion.h target but
this is a much more complex beastie.

Got any comments/suggestions before I start?

For any macdevs reading this, I propose to create a separate target just
to perform the resources build phase and then make the LX target depend
on it.

Well one approach which might suit all concerned would be to strip
it out from wxOil/Makefile.am completely, and put it in
wxOil/xrc/Makefile.am. We could even put resources.cpp there as well.
Then (assuming you do have gnu make and perl installed) your script
could simply do something like "make -C wxOil/xrc" and (if you like)
copy wxOil/xrc/resources.cpp (it would have moved, remember) to

This would simply the makefiles rather, and leave the resources
stuff in their own place. It would also make moving to bakefile etc.
rather easier if we ever wanted to do that.