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RE: Please test static .deb package Was: [XaraXtreme-dev] 0.4Release


Am Freitag, den 28.04.2006, 14:50 +0100 schrieb Neil Howe:
> I tried installing your deb archive on a fresh Ubuntu installation. It
> works ok, in that it puts all the files in the right place, but I don't
> see XaraLX appear in the Applications, Graphics menu, even after a
> restart. I presume that's what the xaralx file installed into
> /usr/share/menu is supposed to do?

Not really. There are two different menus, the Gnome menu (for which
a .desktop file is needed, which is not yet included, see the bugreport)
and the Debian menu with much more applications, but I think ubuntu
hides that by default somewhere...

So after a release with a .desktop file was created, it will appear in
the standard Gnome menu as well.


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