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RE: Please test static .deb package Was: [XaraXtreme-dev]0.4Release

> Am Freitag, den 28.04.2006, 14:50 +0100 schrieb Neil Howe:
> > I tried installing your deb archive on a fresh Ubuntu installation.
> > works ok, in that it puts all the files in the right place, but I
> > see XaraLX appear in the Applications, Graphics menu, even after a
> > restart. I presume that's what the xaralx file installed into
> > /usr/share/menu is supposed to do?
> Not really. There are two different menus, the Gnome menu (for which
> a .desktop file is needed, which is not yet included, see the
> and the Debian menu with much more applications, but I think ubuntu
> hides that by default somewhere...
> So after a release with a .desktop file was created, it will appear in
> the standard Gnome menu as well.

Ok, thanks. I had no luck with the desktop file before but I just tried
it again and it works. Probably a program name case mismatch problem
before I think.

I'll check in the desktop file and menu file.

I'm looking at using "ESP package manager"
(http://www.easysw.com/epm/epm-book.html) to generate deb and rpm
packages. I hope to be able to then have our build server building and
publishing deb and rpm files to our web site along with, or instead of,
the tar archive. If anyone thinks using this tool is a bad idea, please
let me know. I've tried a generated deb file on Ubuntu and an rpm on
Fedora and they seem to work fine.

Joachim - I notice that your deb package puts all our example designs
etc. under /usr/share/doc/xaralx. Whereas I see Inkscape for example,
put there's under /usr/share/inkscape. So I'd prefer to put our files
into /usr/share/xaralx unless you think this will go down badly for some

Another reason for doing this is that on Fedora every directory under
/usr/share/doc has a version number as part of the name. Whereas it
seems ok to have just /usr/share/xaralx on both distributions. This
gives us some consistency instead of having the files in different
places on different distributions.