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RE: Please test static .deb package Was: [XaraXtreme-dev]0.4Release

> I agree re installing example files in a distribution 
> dependent directory though. Perhaps we ought just to have a 
> button on the open dialog that takes you to the examples files.

No, this is what the clipart gallery is for - it points at example files
in a specific location (I'd prefer that this is in a single location
inside xara, but it seems the Linux way is to scatter files all over
your hard disc rather than have them in one common place).  I'd really
strongly discourage us having special new buttons to work around for
specific issues of one platform.

Doing an Open should point at 'my documents' equivalent, and thereafter
remember the last place it opened a file from. I'm fact there are a
number of path preference settings for things like last opened path,
last exported to path etc, etc. So it's only the very first time default
path that needs to be some place sensible.

But until the clipart gallery works then it would be nice that the
default open location be the same place as the example files or else no
one will ever find them and we won't be showing off Xara LX as we should