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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Fonts SuperGallery

Martin Wuerthner wrote:
In message <44538658.9050006@xxxxxxxxxxx>
          Alex Bligh <alex@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I have (petty much blind) fixed up quite a lot of the fonts SuperGallery
(in wxOil/sgfonts.cpp) as far as the changes to the dialog system,
resource system, and galleries go. I haven't fixed up any of the
font stuff. If you feel like it, it should be ready to work on
(the init call needs to be uncommented in Kernel/sginit.cpp but
there is a lot of work to be done on getting it to compile
as it seems to talk directly to truetype and ATM). It's now down
to a mere couple of hundred compile errors (about half as many
as when I started...)

Thanks. At the moment, I think it is more important to get the font menu in the text tool working - that is the main thing that stops the text tool from being really useful. The font gallery is not really essential for the time being.

I am waiting for wxODComboBox to settle down and I shall port it
over which will make this a lot easier.