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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] libiconv

The linker is giving verbose information about the use of those labels, I was just going "code-blind" there...

The caller of libiconv is libwx_macud_static.a(strconv.o). Investigating, I find that libiconv is only used by wxWidgets if HAVE_ICONV is defined. Fair enough, but this raises an interesting issue:

I guess that HAVE_ICONV is set up by autoconf (I haven't yet found where it's defined for the straight wxWidgets Xcode project) but if you're doing a universal binary build, just checking for the presence of a library is not enough - autoconf needs to check that the library is a universal binary too.

Doesn't it?


On 26 Apr 2006, at 16:36, Alex Bligh wrote:

Phil Martin wrote:
Sounds great in principle but I don't think it will fix the problem for Mac OS.

So, what exactly is the error message from link (ld)? I saw the list of
undefined symbols, but any sane version of ld also gives a detailed
list of where they were actually used. Do you have that? (perhaps
you have to pass ld some flag).

If not (sigh) try this:

find . -name 'lib*.a' | while read f ; do echo Testing $f ; nm -A $f 2>&1  ; done | egrep 'iconv|localeconv'

Lines with a "U" on are undefined symbols. That should tell you
which file is using it.