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RE: Re[2]: [XaraXtreme-dev] Commercial Xara Xtreme Version for Linux?

Hi Thomas,

>On a development note, can we at least bring a bit more drive back into
>translation work? I'd consider helping, if only with folding the X1
>German translation back into the main base. I just don't want to
>duplicate the work already done with starting to hack away at

It would be great, if you're interested in joining the german 
translation team. You'll find the current status of the german 
translations here:
(2043 messages of 6137 messages to do)

There was a long discussion about using another software tool
to translate Xara Xtreme for Linux into german, but there was
no further activities with this, therefore launchpad.net is the
master of the german translation again and I would be happy, if 
you're interested in joining in.