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Re[2]: [XaraXtreme-dev] Commercial Xara Xtreme Version for Linux?

Hello Charles,

CM> And of course the other benefit of a commercial version is that we could
CM> use closed source parts, not just CDraw, but our Pantone licenses, our
CM> PDF importer and exporter code and a lot more. So it would be fully on a
CM> par with the Windows Xtreme Pro release.

CM> So do you think a commercial version would sell?

Considering the facts that

a) I have gone through every Xara release
since Corel Xara 1.1 and own almost any other Xara product current and
b) i do all of my business design work for paper and screen with Xtreme
and other Xara products, and
c) putting Vista on my brand new 1300 EUR PC and watching it go
back speedwise about 2 years in time seriously makes me think about
switching ether back to Win2k or forward to Linux,

the availability of a commercial Xtreme Pro for Linux would influence that
decision significantly.

I have a strange feeling i am not the only one thinking like that,
reading through forums.

On a development note, can we at least bring a bit more drive back into
translation work? I'd consider helping, if only with folding the X1
German translation back into the main base. I just don't want to
duplicate the work already done with starting to hack away at

Best regards,
 Thomas                            mailto:thomas@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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